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will always remember the first time Margo and I visited the Sea showroom in September of 2013. We were instructed to find the yellow door on the five story building in the middle of bustling Chinatown, New York. We finally found the "yellow door", and behind it is five story staircase that had to be the steepest staircase we had ever seen. We saw a huge steel door at the end of the last staircase, and it had to mean we were close.   



After Sean invited us into their showroom, the first thing I said to him was, "How do you even carry all the fabric up to this place?" Then I realized they lived and worked in this beautiful french-inspired studio apartment. They design, draw, cook and sleep in this loft-turned-studio-turned-showroom. I almost forgot I was in the center of Chinatown.  



The moment we stepped into the showroom, we instantly knew we had to have this collection in our stores. The sunlight shining through on the expansive wood dining table, so inviting with baked goods and covered with candles half burnt down their wick. The white washed walls and fresh flowers scattered throughout their showroom, with racks and racks of beautiful hues of navy and creams, silks and lace. The warm and inviting nature and their relationship was so calming amongst the busy New York City chaos. Monica tried on samples for us to photograph, as Sean showed us all of their designs and hard work which was realized into the collection that is Resort and Spring 2014. 



We are thrilled to have SEA New York collection in our stores now, designed by Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini and made in New York with the finest silks, cottons and lace fabrics and attention to detail. The clothes are feminine and playful while maintaining elegance and fashion-forward edge.  



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