About Us

When mother of four Susan Sun conceived of the name for her boutique, she had Einstein’s famous equation in mind. The letters happen to coincide with the first letters of her kids’ names: Elliot, Milla, Cooper and Chase. “It was perfect,” she says, “because the shop is my other baby.”

In the years since opening her doors, Susan has nurtured Equation, guiding its development into a haven of elevated-casual women’s fashion. With an emphasis on customer experience, Susan hopes her boutique will empower women by encouraging them to explore their edgy, wild sides while maintaining a high level of sophistication.

Featuring brands such as Ulla Johnson, Zadig et Voltaire, Misa, 360 Sweaters, Jenny Bird and Anine Bing, among others, and pairing them with jewelry from local designers, Susan hopes her clients will walk out of Equation feeling confident, refined, and above all, fierce.